Chimney Sweeping

Happy Hearth provides a professional and efficient chimney sweeping service.
An Institute of Chimney Sweeps member, we are here to give your chimney a new lease of life!

One Chimney £45
Two Chimneys £90
Additional Chimneys £40 each

The table above does not take into consideration any 'extras' such as blockages from birds nests.
Considerably larger chimneys or those with Inglenook fireplaces are also excluded from the list.
In these cases individual quotes are given upon inspection.

Log Burner Maintenance

Our log burner maintenance service will keep your fire burning brightly.

Removal and renew of door rope seals
One Door Fire £30
Two Door Fire £40

For the replacement of worn and damaged parts e.g. fire bricks, there is a ordering charge and a £20 fitting fee.

Bird Nest Removal

Birds love building nests in and around chimneys.
Removal services start at £70, with individual quotes given on inspection as every nest is different.


Arriving to clean your chimney


So much soot!


A massive bird's nest


Cleared out another nest


Put another log on the fire

Lucky Wedding Sweep

Wanting to add that extra lucky touch to your big day? Look no further!
Happy Hearth’s lucky sweep service provides a modern twist on the age old tradition.

Expect a traditional sweeps costume, a good luck song for the bride and groom alongside a lucky charm.
Prices for the Wedding Sweep start at £120


The jolly wedding sweep


Horse, carriage & happy couple


Good luck from the jolly sweep!


How often should a chimney be swept?

That is depends on how frequently you use your fire and what fuel you’re burning. However, the following is a useful guide:

When are you available?

Happy Hearth are available seven days a week, at a time convenient to you! Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Do I need to have my gas / oil flues swept?

Yes, you do. Although burning these fuels does not normally deposit soot there are numerous other problems which can affect chimney function and sweeping can solve or identify these.

Which areas do you cover?

I cover the Rural area between Loughborough Derby and Nottingham.

I can travel further afield, though this may attract a surcharge. Please contact me for a quote.

Get In Touch

For a friendly, reliable service from a professional sweep. If you have any queries or want to request a quote, get in touch!